Applications Accelerators

Ceitcon Team offers Application accelerating service which improves application performance using techniques like compression, caching and transmission control protocol (TCP) optimization. It is a common feature in an application delivery controller (ADC) to improve response time over network connections.

Applications Accelerators

Application acceleration is a network solution for issues like WAN latency, packet loss and bandwidth congestion. Ceitcon team uses optimization of protocols to improve application performance beyond caching. For applications that promise extensive interactive content, application acceleration technology allows for quick rendering and page loads that meet user expectations

Application Accelerator Benefits

• Faster user experience for applications with interactive content.
• Lower operational and investment cost.
• Better ability to scale to meet peak demand.
• Less security risk with SSL-protected content.

Involved Technologies

• Advanced protocol optimization — Uses read-ahead, message prediction and caching to mitigate latency.
• Throughput optimization — Makes transport protocols more efficient in WAN environments.
• Bandwidth optimization — Provides data redundancy elimination (DRE) and compression. All static information is stored locally to reduce need to access the data center for information.