Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)

Ceitcon PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is a platform that integrates all security-related systems of a building, multi-site area, venue etc. into one, comprehensive user interface.Via extensive analysis and reporting capabilities, operators are able to make fast decisions, while being guided by pre-defined workflows and processes.

Physical Information Management System

Ceitcon PSIM is a software platform that is designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface.

PSIM Benefits

Risk Control
Cost Reduction
Situational Awareness
Existing and future technology
Improve response times
One intuitive user interface

PSIM Integrated Systems

Access control systems
Automated barriers and bollards
CCTV (Video Management)
Fire detection
Intercom / IP Phones
Intrusion systems
Lighting control systems
Perimeter intrusion detection
Power monitoring systems
Security alarms
Video wall