Hospital Management Information System

Ceitcon HMIS , is system outlined to oversee healthcare information in which our system collect, store, oversee and transmit a patient’s electronic therapeutic record (EMR), a hospital’s operational administration and supporting healthcare arrangement decisions.

Hospital Management System

Ceitcon Hospital management system, is used to optimize and digitize all the forms inside the healthcare institution, and offer a better assistance to improve client benefit, allowing a cost effective processes, streamline the look of medical records, bills, patients, specialists, etc.; hence, having a database of each module executed.

Hospital Management Information System Benefits

Improved Process
Digital Medical Records
Staff Interactions
Facility Management
Financial Control and Tax Planning
Insurance claims Processing
Less time Consuming
Patient self service
Better Customer Experience
Marker strategy

Patient Repository

In HMIS, you'll make a persistent record for any person who gets your healthcare administrations. Save vital data for each Patient. With Ceitcon HMIS coordinates framework, all information will be open to everybody in one place.

Healthcare Practitioners

Ceitcon HMIS, lets you make different specialists (specialists, medical attendants, etc.) and connect each one to their suitable get to consents. You'll be able too interface each individual to their worker reports, which lets representatives get to their takes off, finance, and other HR data.

Practitioner Schedule

Ceitcon HMIS, Doctor Plan will assist you arrange the accessibility of healthcare professionals. Set each person's days and timings, at that point the framework will piece quiet arrangements inside each practitioner's schedule.

Patient Appointments

With total perceivability of each practitioner's plan, there's no chance of double-booking arrangement openings. You'll indeed mechanize notice emails to be sent as before long as a quiet books a consultation.

Document Storage

Helathcare specialists got to maintain various reports, notes and data for each patient. Rather than managing with third-party capacity apps, utilize Ceitcon HMIS, record connections to store interactive media records of any organize — from content, PDFs, and reports to pictures or recordings. This guarantees that the quiet record reflects all related information

Patient History

With the Patient History report, you'll see any patient's verifiable records — essential points of interest, hypersensitivities, past solutions, understanding intelligent with specialists, and so on. See the lifecycle of a quiet, right from the beginning of their journey along with your healthcare unit.


No need to suffer with messy email chains — email from your healthcare program itself! You'll mail your patients or their gatekeepers almost their appointments, medicine, or follow-ups. Answers will be consequently brought into the mail string in Ceitcon HMIS, which keeps all correspondence within the same place.

Patient Encounters

Ceitcon HMIS, allows you to record each experience with patients. You'll be able make a Quiet Experience, either based on a already booked arrangement or by straightforwardly making a modern Quiet Experience. All patient-related details will be naturally populated, at the side the most recent crucial signs, persistent records, and other imperative information.


Record all perceptions and appraisals of all understanding meetings through medicines. Our configurable print arrange builder makes it simple to arrange the prescription — add your hospital's letterhead, move information areas around, and appear as it were the data you need. It's lovely, immaculate organizing at your transfer with this effortlessly configurable tool.

Clinical Procedures

You'll be able utilize Ceitcon HMIS, to outline any clinical procedure — for case, wound cleaning, ultrasonography, endoscopy, or cataract surgery. Ceitcon HMIS, lets you preconfigure Clinical Procedure Formats so you do not need to set default properties like consumables each time you arrange a strategy. Charging can too be computerized based on the stock utilized in each method and the counseling doctor's charges.

Medicines And Equipment

Ceitcon HMIS coordinates stock for a real-time view of item accessibility, stock levels in your distribution centers, stock exchanges, and more. Clumped or serialized things? Take your choose. Filter barcodes along with your gadget camera for bursting quick look through your stock of drugs, medical equipment, assets, and more.

Billing And Pricing

Send invoices your patients and chase receivable installments with request of payment and email/SMS notices. Prepare bills quicker with custom print arrange formats (utilizing HTML or Jinja templating) and one-time configuration.

Automated Stock Replenishment

In an industry where the line between life and passing is black out, you cannot bear to be brief on critical solutions. To anticipate this, you'll track an item's reorder level. When the stock level goes underneath the reorder level, Ceitcon HMIS, will consequently make a fabric ask. This helps you renew stock at precisely the proper time and decrease chances of stock exhaustion.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Make your claim healthcare program. Outline your most vital information by including custom areas. Customize shape behavior by auto-fetching values, cover up areas based on client parts, and make custom print groups — all without a single line of code