Hosting Billing System

Ceitcon Billing system is a smart, automated platform for generating all your essential financial and billing documents addressed in companies.

Hosting Billing System

Ceitcon Billing System is an effective and accurate billing system addressed to businesses to be able to assure their revenue. Billing systems will truly the headache out of creating invoices for customers. The system involves receiving billing records from various networks, determining the billing rates associated with the billing records, calculating the cost for each billing record, aggregating these records periodically to generate invoices, sending invoices to the customer, and collecting payments received from the customer.

Hosting Billing System

Save Time: Takes care of automating things so you don't have to, saving you valuable time and money.
Automate Billing: Automating Billing operations such as Sending invoices, collecting payments, taxes, reminders and more…
Support: Integrated support tools give you a client portal complete with ticketing, knowledgebase, downloads and more.
Easy to use: Friendly use interface, modular, extensible, well documented
Secure & Scalable: Safe and scalable solution designed for all business sizes.

Recurring Billing

Ceitcon Host billing system will take care of automatically billing your customers and collecting payments for specified products or services on a pre-scheduled periodic basis.

Automatic Quote Generator

Automatic Quotes features allows you to generate quotes automatically send to a potential customer, attract them with your offer and professional template. Through one click you can convert quote into invoice.

Smart Invoicing

Advanced choices that will assist you to form and send solicitations in a fast and simple way. Automate recurring tasks so that to ensure smooth and secure payments. Ceitcon Hosting Billing System can be effortlessly customized to reflect your brand fashion, from adding the symbol to setting receipt numeration arrangement and characterizing receipt arrange and prefix.

Tax Calculation & Multi Currency

Running multi-branch commerce puts totally modern challenges on your charging division: utilizing distinctive monetary forms and tax collection rules. Ceitcon Hosting Billing System handles this issue with its highlights – naturally upgraded money trade rates and numerous assess rules/levels.

Smart Provisioning

Your client assets are consequently and consistently provisioned on your control boards, without your inclusion. Control automation features per item, know precisely what would happen, when and why.