Ceitcon Contact Center&IVR

Every interaction have a great impact on your customers’ perception of your brand. Ceitcon Contact Center & IVR help you optimize your contact centers through design, development and implementation of strategies and programs that deliver a great customer experience in a cost-effective manner.

Ceitcon Contact Center & IVR

Ceitcon Contact Center & IVR solution aims to manages customer interactions. Our contact center solution handles inbound and outbound customer communication over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, messaging apps, social media, text, fax

Improved Customer Experience

Customer service can be a significant differentiator for your business, and your contact center is often the primary channel for most of the interactions your customers have with your company. Through a contact center, there are several ways you can ensure an excellent experience. For example, customers can take advantage of the self-service capabilities provided by your contact center in order to quickly perform common tasks. Contact centers can ensure customers are connected to the most suitable agent to resolve their problem faster. In addition, since the contact center supports multiple types of communication, customers can interact through the channel of their choice.

Greater Efficiency

Since contact centers are a central point of customer communications, they can improve your business productivity when responding to numerous customer requests. Contact centers can provide your organization the ability to scale staff in response to customer inquiries, and automatically route requests to the most appropriate resource with real-time updates, allowing agents to respond quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Insight and Visibility

Your contact center brings together customer interactions from across all communication channels. The data gathered from these interactions provides valuable insights that can help inform important business decisions. This information can help with product design, quality issues, and identifying patterns and problem areas across your customer’s journey of engagement with your company.

In-Bound Module

The In-Bound module serves to speed up incoming communication and make it more effective. It allows the contact center owner to utilize to the maximum the operators’ time spent with clients. Using parameter-based conditions, the In-Bound module channels the initial interaction through the system. The parameters can include time, knowledgeability of the client, previous contact history, responses from external knowledge or information systems or, for example, the client’s business potential.

Out-Bound Module

Ceitcon Out-Bound module distributes and plans outgoing calls. It has been designed primarily as a suitable tool for telemarketing, satisfaction surveys and sales campaigns. Lists of contacts can be entered in the system manually or, using the available APIs, Ceitcon Module can be connected with the provider’s internal systems and the out-bound campaigns can be generated automatically from an LoB application. This module can for instance be used to retain clients whose contracts are soon going to expire, who do not regularly purchase goods or services etc.

IVR Module

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module is no longer a mere means for quickly sorting out incoming requests. The module utilizes elements based on speech recognition, which make it conceivable to naturally categorize, explore by voice and clearly distinguish the caller based on voice biometrics.

WorkForce Management

WorkForce Management, provides input information for shift optimization based on historical statistical information and future traffic prediction. The module works with personal preferences of operators, vacation plans and planned marketing campaigns or events.

Quality Management

Ceitcon Contact Centermakes it possible to do a relevant assessment of the operators’ performance by means of objective and subjective assessment and evaluation tools. Objective evaluation is based on measurable parameters, such as ringing duration, average processing time etc. Subjective assessment is based primarily on listening to and classifying recordings by the supervisor or other operators. Another interesting picture of the contact center operations can also be gained by seeking feedback from the clients themselves, whether by automatically switching them to an evaluation system once they have finished their call with the operator or by contacting them pro-actively by a voice automat or via the E-mail and SMS channels.

Smart Record

Smart Interactions with clients are fundamental – whether to move forward the quality of services given or to fulfill the statutory prerequisite to record. Smart Record has been outlined and created as a partitioned module of a more comprehensive program for Ceitcon contact centers. Pro-active advancement and nonstop criticism from clients are utilized to upgrade the arrangement with appealing functionalities and modules.

Knowledge Base

Ceitcon operators have a tool with quick and effective ‘help’ available: the Knowledge Base module. This modules makes it possible to quickly find a relevant answer to the client’s request, and the availability of pre-formulated answers and templates also significantly speeds up the operators’ work, making their answers more accurate.

Voice Channel

Despite of the fact that it is the oldest method of communication, the voice handling innovation advancement isn't wrapped up.Speech recognition, call steering, voice biometrics, emotion analysis and WebRTC technology tools once more bring this strategy of communication to the cutting edge. Ceitcon Contact center has engaged automation and robotization, with artificial intelligence in voice processing technology.

Email Channel

Email is directly a communication channel break even with to the voice channel, and the number of demands dealt with by implies of email communication in contact centers proceeds to develop (at an ever-greater rate). The Email module of Ceitcon optimizes the in-bound steering of mail demands, speeds up their preparing and, in expansion, offers the bulk e-mailing usefulness

WebChat, IM

Chat communication is the fastest and most successful strategy of communication from a corporate site. Not at all like standalone (devoted) WebChat arrangements, Ceitcon WebChat module brings benefits in its integration with other channels. Ceitcon WebChat encompasses a highlight to set up a classic sound or video association with the operator with fair a single press on a phone symbol. Ceitcon gives the operator a comprehensive see of that mosaic, over which it is conceivable to perform different information investigations and uncover covered up relationships that are not clear on to begin with locate.

Social Networks Module

Ceitcon Social Systems module brings tools for compelling communication and is coordinates within the application’s local environment, which empowers administrators to serve all accessible channels from a single environment. The contact center owner can hence utilize the automatic adjusting of inbound interactions to utilize the operators’ capacity way better and guarantee quicker reaction times to client demands.

SMS Module

Ceitcon SMS module makes it conceivable to send brief messages for automatic notification but operators of course have an editor accessible to send customized SMS and get the same. Besides, there are pre-defined templates accessible to operators same as with any other kind of composed communication, and the foremost appropriate operator for taking care of an SMS request is chosen based on parametric input conditions characterized within the In-Bound module.

Video Module

Ceitcon Video module combined with a communication framework gives video communication for standard equipment and program implies but moreover unused strategies of communication by implies of WebRTC specifically from the company’s site, without the client having to possess any expensive video-conferencing hardware. As of late we have seen the presentation of administrator terminals with straightforward screens that permit the inaccessible introduction of items; these can be utilized to advance deals or to render offer assistance with set-ups and arrangements.

Help Desk Module

The HelpDesk module is utilized to record and oversee tickets, i.e., for incident management. It is valuable for companies that don't serve anonymous clients which wish to make strides the level of support given. The module is additionally suitable in circumstances when the reaction to a client’s ask isn't wrapped up in a single call or email message but requires more intuitive from different communication channels.