Network Design Consulting Services

Ceitcon Team will will assist you use technology solutions that will change your organization into a more proficient and cost-effective operation. Let our group assist you rearrange and streamline your IT and network infrastructure.

Network Design Consulting Services

Our engineers specialize in network design and have significant expertise in evaluating, conveying and supporting network infrastructure technology. Our certified engineers will adjust your business goals and budget with a custom-made arrangement that's right for your unique business.

Network Assessment

The first step is to compare your needs with your current capacity. You may feel that your network is not meeting demands and needs optimization, or you may be embarking on a major project such as consolidating, centralizing, or virtualizing your data center. Ceitcon Network Experts assess your existing infrastructure, look for bottlenecks or shortcomings, and make a list of problems that need to be addressed.

Network Architecture and Design

Now that we have the diagram, we are able begin building your new network. This considers your existing space and control assets, your require for wired or remote connections, and the prerequisites for advanced and physical security. The proper security network will guarantee your infrastructure is secured which the network is available to those who require it.

Network Strategy and Planning

Once we know what your goals are, we create a plan to get you there. At this stage we look at high-level strategies and technology road maps that not only determine what steps to take but also how to handle integrating new technologies with your existing system, as well as how to manage the transition without disruption.

Network Integration and Deployment

We take the network and security architecture design and start the physical build. This involves putting together servers, routers, firewalls, and switches, deploying them in your data center or colocation site, and integrating the new equipment with your existing infrastructure.

Network Optimization

When the new network infrastructure is up and running, we will monitor performance and optimize your network using our monitoring tools and daily optimization processes. Our continuous monitoring allows us to spot problems during startup, proactively responding to issues before they can impact your operations. We assist you in meeting performance service level agreements (SLAs) and adjust the system, if required, to keep critical applications running.

Network Support

Once operational, we offer comprehensive 24x7x365 support services designed to keep your infrastructure running reliably. Our team upgrades your systems as new versions and hotfixes present themselves and brings systems back up quickly if an incident occurs.