ERP Services Industry

With Ceitcon ERP Services ,know your leads and clients, set up membership plans for your services, build affinity with customary clients employing a loyalty program, oversee and charge numerous projects, set up maintenance schedules and visits, and much more.

ERP Services Industry

Ceitcon ERP covers a large number of highlights to assist run your services business with a few ease. Run campaigns for expanded client securing, make memberships for your services, remunerate customary clients with devotion focuses, set maintenance visits and plans, and oversee ventures, issues, and service level agreements.

Manage Your Customers

Assign committed account directors, Tax IDs and tax categories for programmed tax calculations. Utilize diverse currency for your abroad clients, and the exchange rates will be calculated automatically.
Store numerous contacts, emails, and phone numbers against a client. Set a credit constrain on clients to avoid advance sales for clients with a huge tab. Set up a devotion program to construct affinity together with your customers.


Customer acquisition can be difficult, especially when you're starting out. With Ceitcon ERP Campaign feature, you can send emails to multiple leads and manage each thread separately.


Set up different subscription plans and relegate them to clients. Set a trial period for your subscriptions. Charges and discounts can moreover be included to your subscriptions, rather like any other standard thing. The subscriptions can be repeated at varying intervals, every day, month to month, or once per few years. After the trial, invoices will be produced automatically.

Project Management

Manage internal and external projects efficiently. Bill your customers for the employees you've sent to their site using the Time Sheets feature. Create and track tasks to keep your employees on their toes during important projects.

Gantt charts and Kanban boards help you track and visualize tasks for a quick and easy holistic view of your progress.

Help Desk

Usually, a services company will get more issues than a product company. We understand this, so we've created lots of features to organize and manage incoming issues.

With features like 'Append To', issues are automatically created in Ceitcon ERP when customers email issues to a configured email address. Classify issues by leads, projects, or companies. Record quality with information like minutes to first response and service level agreement.

Gantt charts and Kanban boards help you track and visualize tasks for a quick and easy holistic view of your progress.

Service Level Agreement

Offering quick and quality resolutions to incoming issues is not easy. That's why we have a Service Level Agreement feature to help you set and adhere to standards and keep your customers happy.

With service levels measuring time to respond and resolve, you can set targets and take appropriate actions to make sure customers are satisfied. SLAs can be automatically applied to new incoming issues. Support hours can also be set to properly communicate expectations with your customers.

Record Warranty Claims

Easily record and manage warranty and annual maintenance contracts for different serialized items sold to customers. With serialized inventory, you can learn exactly which units are in or out of warranty/AMC.

For valid claims, set resolution and customer details. If an item is large or installed at the customer's location, this can be handled with the Maintenance Visits feature.

Maintenance Visit

When an item cannot be brought to your center, or you need to service it at the customer's site, maintenance visits are absolutely necessary. Record the progress of the visits, scheduled or unscheduled. Record the person performing the visit and the work done.

Maintenance Schedule

With an annual maintenance contract, regular maintenance visits are required to keep the service up and running at the customers' end. Record these visits easily with maintenance schedules. With predefined periods, the schedule can be generated automatically.

Multi-Currency Accounting

Managing transactions in different currencies is simple with our software. Send invoices and add expenses in any currency, and let the system convert them to your base currency. You can even see financial transactions and reports in multiple currencies.

Billing And Pricing

Handle your customer subscription billing lifecycle from end to end. Invoice your customers and chase receivable payments easily, with payment requests and notifications via email or SMS reminders. Create custom print templates for bills (using Jinja or HTML) and set up defaults in no time.