ERP Agriculture

With Ceitcon ERP Agriculture , you are able to manage your agriculture business with features for recording and tracking crop cycles, locations, diseases, and fertilizers.

ERP Agriculture

Get analytics for crops, plants, soil, water, and weather. Ceitcon ERP Agriculture helps record not only your crops and fertilizers, but also orders and invoices

Analysis Criteria

Humidity or precipitation, mineral levels or temperature, Ceitcon ERP Agriculture covers diverse criteria for analysis and reporting.

Manage Your Crops

Record all tasks related to managing your crops — from big tasks like plowing to picking, to smaller but important details like crop and row spacing. Define the timeline for each activity, then store the materials required and items and by-products produced as a result.

Crop Cycle

Create custom cycles, whether for sowing, irrigation, or harvesting. Add locations where each cycle is taking place. Note any diseases that take place, and the steps to combat them will be fetched into the crop cycle.


Outline your fields and record the total area of the field. The land will be shown on the map. You can even create parent locations (such as states) if you do business in multiple locations.


When cultivating crops, diseases are avoidable, but they happen sometimes. Taking appropriate measures to curb them quickly is necessary for healthy yield. If disease hits, you can quickly record all the tasks to be done and the time needed.


Fertilizers are vital to cultivating a good yield. Record all your fertilizers along with their contents.

Plant Analysis

Analyze the plants or crops in a particular location by recording the collection, testing, and result time. Then record the plant contents with actual, minimum, and maximum values to detect any anomalies.

Water Analysis

Just like soil, it's easy to track water analysis in Ceitcon ERP Agriculture. Record water contents as well as collection, testing and result time. You can also log actual, minimum, and maximum values to detect any anomalies.

Soil Analysis

Soil analysis can also be tracked in our agriculture ERP. Record soil collection, testing, and result time, then log soil contents with actual, minimum, and maximum values

Soil Texture

Whether you plow sand or silt, clay or loam, record the contents of the soil in your land. You can drill down to minute details like organic matter content and density.


Know your field temperature, degree days, pressure, humidity, dew point, precipitation, and other factors by recording them for all your locations.

Sales & Purchase

Handle your customer subscription billing life cycle from end to end with Ceitcon ERP Agriculture. Invoice your customers and chase receivable payments with payment requests and notifications via email/SMS reminders. You can also create custom print templates for bills in Jinja/HTML, and set up defaults to process transactions faster.

Billing & Pricing

An agriculture business doesn't end in the fields. Use our selling and purchase modules to record sales and purchase orders and invoices.