Data Migration

Data Migration service enables the automation of data flow between systems and is provided as service by Ceitcon consulting team with proper in-house tools to assure data integrity during migration process. The Data Migration process involves migration from any source to any destination, this shall include Microsfot SQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL MySQL, Maria DB, MongoDB, Hadoop BIG data, .cvs and excel.

Data Migration

Ceitcon support data migrations from one technology to another or similar technologies whether on premise or in Cloud. Ceitcon supports different technology approaches that includes ETL, replication, On the fly data transformation, time based migration and cutover migration.

Use Cases

Data Migration uses cases covers:
• Application migration
• Maintenance or upgrade activities
• Storage/Server equipment replacements
• Data center migration or relocation
• Website consolidation

Oracle Database Migration

Supported Oracle Data Base Migration methods
• Export and Import using Data Pump (or exp/imp)
• CTAS – Create Table As SELECT
• Backup & Restore RMAN
• RMAN ACTIVE duplicate
• Using golden gate or data guard - will minimize the downtime for the migration process to minutes.
• For Standalone DB using Oracle Home Clone
• Transportable Tablespaces (TTS) With RMAN
• Cross Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS) With RMAN