Business Support System (BSS)

Ceitcon Business Support System is a platform responsible for managing customer-facing business aspects in mobile networks which includes activities like billing, service fulfilment, revenue management, customer management, order management…

Business Support System(BSS)

Ceitcon BSS is a full-stack Business Support System based on Low-Code Development Platform with Microservices architecture aligned with the TM Forum standards. Carriers and telecom companies can meet the demands of a rapidly changing competitive environment. The BSS stack provides a rich set of connector to integrate seamlessly with existing systems such as ERP systems, Trouble Ticketing, Inventory, and others. The CRM Suite, retail, customer care, direct sales, mobile self-care, and online channels work together to deliver the same experience. The BSS stack provides a unified view of the customer billing information and provides a master database covering pre-sales, sales, and customer care processes.


Selfservice Portal
Operation Support and Readiness
Order Management
Product Catalogue and Service Catalogue
Subscriber Management

Business Support System

• Comprehensive and extendable data model
• Dynamic object-oriented data model, easily extensible at design and run time supporting multiple technologies across all layers of the OSI model.
• Support for physical connections (cables, fiber optics, radio links, ducts, etc) and views.
• Support for hierarchical, graphical and detailed views
• Configurable containment hierarchy to specify what element can be parent of what other elements (cities into states, switches into racks, etc).
• Graphical query designer
• Service Manager
• Contract Manager
• IP Address Manager
• SDH Manager
• Basic MPLS support
• Logical topology designer
• Rack occupation views
• Software asset management capabilities
• Graphical physical trace views
• Bulk upload support
• Reports
• Templates