Ceitcon Cloud Portal

Ceitcon Cloud Portal provides information about the service for which the user has an access to. The Portal represent act as a centralized access point where you go to manage integrated applications.

Ceitcon Cloud Portal

Ceitcon Cloud Portal is a Service Delivery Platform that provides IT Automation and orchestration to provision private, public and hybrid cloud hosting systems. The platform architecture is based on different integrated applications.


Control Panel provides user interface access to the Cloud Portal through a web based interface, users can be classified as Hosters, Partners (Agencies) , Domain Admin and Developer to create composite application orchestrated scenario
Standard Business Event Module is a Web Service interface that interconnects to Order Handling Management Applications.
Session Management provides the creation and control of the sessions that are associated with users and services. Session creation will be initiated by business events to the Cloud Portal. The session manager executes specific workflows based on specific composite application manifest.
Identity Management provides authentication and authorization of Cloud Portal users and services and associated them with different access profile and Single Sign on solution.
Service Logic provides the engine to execute different workflows that form the composite applications
Service Creation Environment is User Interface tool from which the composite applications workflows are created.
Business Rule Engine allows the creation of Business Rules through a Business Rule Syntax that interworks with the GUI tool
APIs Framework – extensive connectors to all type of systems and applications.

Cloud Portal Features

IP Telephony and Unified Communication Management
Database Management Connectors
Web Hosting Management
Servers Management
Active Directory Management
DNS Management
SharePoint Management
FTP Servers Management