Hosting Billing System

Ceitcon Billing system provides a completely integrated application for automatically generating all your essential customer billing documents.



Ceitcon billing system will truly take the headache out of creating service invoices for your customers. As the information from the work order is created and gathered, you are then able to issue proper and correct invoices in seconds. Line item discounts can be accommodated, along with customer based discounts that will automatically be calculated when generating an invoice for those key customers.


  • Consolidated invoices including one-time, project-based and subscription charges.
  • Scheduled changes for pricing and subscriptions with effective dates and pro-rating.
  • Multi-currency flexibility for subscriptions.
  • Real-time reporting including audit logs and change tracking.
  • Flexible generic and customer specific subscriptions with volume, tiered and flat pricing models


  • Timely Revenue Collection
  • High-Volume Invoice Generation
  • Financial Impact Visibility
  • Simplified Tax Reporting
  • Integrated Reporting System
  • Document Printing
  • Multinational Capabilities
  • Billing Policies and Control
  • Fiscal Calendar Period Roll
  • Billing Methods
  • Billing Documents
  • Inquiries and reports
  • Change Orders
  • Customer Specific Pricing and Discounting
  • User Segments
  • Package Pricing
  • Defining Customers
  • Customers Contacts
  • Creating Contracts
  • Tax Profile
  • Invoices

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